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Nows the time to take the plunge and get your lessons started! Look at this wee guy below, if he can do it so can you!


Link To Book Driving/ Theory Test (type into the search and follow the instructions.



As I come to the end of November 23 it’s been a more “normal” year than the previous 3 after the Covid pandemic. Thank goodness. Theory test waiting times seem to have got back to what they previously were (Currently 2-3 weeks).  From the start of October 23 the DVSA (company who do the tests) have tried to eventually clear the backlog for driving tests so availability for tests has started to get back to something of normality. As I write ✍️ it’s about 4/5 weeks which is a bit better than the 4/5 months that it has been. It still though highlights the importance of getting stuck in and completing your theory test as quick as possible leaving it easier to plan for your driving test and therefore making your lessons as cost efficient as possible.  
The cost of everything is pretty horrendous but my philosophy is and always will be the same.  I want students of mine to pay as little money as possible and pass as quickly as possible. That doesn’t mean not covering everything, I’ll teach everyone the same and get them to reach a high performance level to not only make them pass a test but be a safe driver on our very busy roads.  

Still availability for lessons is very tight (I’ve a booking already for Jan 26 🤣) but if your looking for lessons please get in touch as early as possible to give me a chance to schedule you to start. 
As I mentioned earlier look forward to seeing new students and the students I currently have I hope a pass is just around the corner! 🙂

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